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The 2024 Hankook Portland E-Prix Preview

The ABB FIA Formula E World Championship returns this weekend. With Rounds 13 and 14 of Season 10 at the 2024 Hankook Portland E-Prix, 29 & 30 June.



The Pacific Northwest is about to be charged with electric energy. As the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship rolls into Portland International Raceway for the 2024 Hankook Portland E-Prix! This double-header weekend, taking place on June 29th and 30th. It is the penultimate round of Season 10, the championship fight is hotter than ever.

Portland International Raceway: A High-Speed Playground with Bite.

The 2024 Hankook E-Prix is set to electrify the legendary Portland International Raceway(PIR). Unlike the tight, twisty street circuits that Formula E typically calls home, PIR offers a unique challenge – a high-speed test of driver skill and energy management. Here, long straights and technical corners collide, creating a thrilling battleground for electric racing.

Track layout

This circuit throws in sharp right angles and tight technical sections, forcing drivers to slam on the brakes after reaching blistering velocities. This constant transition between high-speed bursts and aggressive braking zones demands strategic energy management and precise car control.

The high speeds achieved on the straights will be a constant drain on battery power. While raceway features only 12 corners, they pack a powerful punch. These complex and unforgiving corners demand pinpoint precision behind the wheel. Expect close racing as drivers battle for position, with daring overtaking attempts potentially leading to some chaotic moments. The technical nature of the corners will test the agility and responsiveness of the Formula E cars. Drivers need to be smooth and calculated in their maneuvers to avoid losing valuable time and potentially damaging their car.

Can Nick Cassidy Seal the Deal in Portland?

Cassidy has been a dominant force throughout the season, securing an impressive eight podium finishes, showcasing remarkable consistency. Portland could be the stage where the Kiwi driver clinches his first Formula E title, etching his name in electric racing history.

Nick Cassidy, Jaguar TCS Racing (Image: Sam Bagnall, Formula E)

Throughout Season 10, Cassidy has proven himself to be a master of strategy and energy management. He’s consistently delivered strong results, rarely dropping out of the top contenders. His recent victory in Berlin further solidified his position at the top of the standings.

However, the championship fight is far from over. Portland, with its double-header format, presents a unique challenge. Teams will have to adapt and strategize on the fly, making every pit stop, energy management call, and overtaking maneuver crucial.

Cassidy’s success wouldn’t be possible without the unwavering support of Jaguar TCS Racing. The team has provided him with a reliable and powerful I-TYPE 6, allowing him to push his limits on the track. Their strategic prowess and flawless pit stop executions have been vital in securing crucial points throughout the season.

“Shanghai was a positive race weekend and overall, I achieved strong results, including my eighth podium of the season. It will be great to be back in Portland after topping the podium last season. I have hopes of achieving the same result this year and I’m confident we can hold my position in the standings and work with the team to extend our lead. “


For Cassidy and Jaguar TCS Racing, the 2024 Hankook Portland E-Prix presents a golden opportunity. A strong performance, or even a win, could propel them towards championship glory. The pressure will be immense, but the Kiwi driver is known for his calm demeanor and ability to perform under pressure.

TAG Heuer Porsche Formula E Team: Can Wehrlein or da Costa Spark a Portland Charge?

While Nick Cassidy (Jaguar TCS Racing) leads the pack, Porsche has a potent one-two punch in Pascal Wehrlein and António Félix da Costa, both hungry for victory.

Wehrlein has been a qualifying machine this season, consistently securing strong starting positions. A repeat of this form in Portland could be a game-changer. Starting near the front allows him to avoid the initial race chaos and potentially puts him in a prime position to challenge for the win.

Antonio Felix da Costa, TAG Heuer Porsche Formula E Team, 1st position, jumps off his car in Parc Ferme (Image: Alastair Staley, Formula E)

Fresh off his Shanghai victory, da Costa is brimming with confidence. A strong showing in Portland could propel him back into championship contention.

The TAG Heuer Porsche Formula E Team isn’t just about the drivers. The Porsche 99X Electric has proven to be a competitive machine throughout the season. With its efficient powertrain and impressive handling, the car provides a solid platform for Wehrlein and da Costa to showcase their skills.

Portland’s double-header format presents a unique challenge. The team’s strategists will need to be at their best, optimizing energy usage, pit stop timing, and attack windows to maximize

Currently sitting second in the team standings, the TAG Heuer Porsche Formula E Team has a shot at regaining the lead in Portland. Strong performances from Wehrlein and da Costa, coupled with strategic brilliance, could see Porsche take a significant step towards the championship title.

Andretti Autosport: Can They Charge Up the Championship Race at PIR?

Andretti Autosport has had a season of mixed results. Their key driver, Jake Dennis, currently sits in eighth place in the standings. He’s showcased flashes of brilliance with a podium finish in Mexico City. His teammate, Norman Nato, brings a wealth of experience from Formula 2 and Formula 3, eager to prove himself in Formula E.

Celebrating their 10 seasons of Andretti Autosports in Formula E and their home race.

The high speeds and long straights of PIR pose a unique hurdle for Andretti. Their car has been reliable, but it might not be as optimized for pure speed as some frontrunners. Upgrades focused on maximizing aerodynamic efficiency and minimizing drag. could see them gain an edge on the opportunity for them to shake things up and potentially secure a podium finish.

Weekend Schedule and Where to Watch

You can watch all the action live on SONY LIV and SONY ST1(TV Broadcast). The full schedule in IST is given below:

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Formula E

The Electrifying Showdown: London E-Prix to Decide 2024 Formula-E Champions



Credit: FIA Formula E

As the 2024 ABB FIA Formula E World Championship reaches its climax in London, the excitement is palpable for what promises to be a thrilling conclusion. The season-ending double-header at the ExCeL Centre will see seven drivers battling for the coveted drivers’ championship, with the team and manufacturer titles also up for grabs.

Who will be champion?

This season finale is set to captivate a sold-out crow. With key contenders including Pascal Wehrlein of Porsche, Mitch Evans of Jaguar, and Nick Cassidy of Envision. Wehrlein and Evans are both chasing their first titles, while Cassidy aims to capitalize on his consistent performance. Additionally, Antonio Felix da Costa, the 2020 champion, has staged an impressive comeback and remains a formidable competitor​​.

With the support of British fans cheering on local heroes like Sam Bird and Jake Dennis, the London E-Prix will not only crown the 2024 champion but also deliver an unforgettable conclusion to an exhilarating season​.

ExCeL London Circuit: Challenges and Thrills Await at the 2024 London E-Prix

The 2024 London E-Prix will take place at the iconic ExCeL London, a venue renowned for its unique indoor-outdoor track. This circuit, first introduced in 2021, offers a distinctive challenge to drivers, combining the technical demands of an indoor arena. The dynamic elements of an outdoor street circuit. As the final race of the Formula E season, the ExCeL circuit will test the skills and endurance of the drivers, making it a thrilling conclusion to the championship.

The ExCeL circuit spans 2.25 kilometers and features 23 turns that demand precision and adaptability from the drivers. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the circuit, including the latest updates for 2024:

Track Layout (Image: Formula E)

Circuit Enhancements for 2024 Formula E

  • Turn 1 to Turn 3: The opening chicane is now tightened; drivers will be forced to navigate a more complex series of turns right from the start. This section now doubles back on itself rather than sticking to a straightforward 90-degree left-hander.
  • Turn 4 to Turn 6: Involves a steep incline and decline, testing the drivers’ ability to manage their car’s balance and speed while transitioning between elevations. The exit from Turn 5 leads into a downhill section that demands careful handling to avoid losing control.
  • Turn 7 to Turn 9: As the circuit moves outdoors, this part of the track requires adaptability and quick response to changing grip levels.
  • Turn 10 to Turn 14: This sector has seen significant modifications. The direction for the hairpins at Turns 10 and 11 has been reversed from anticlockwise to clockwise. This has created a 180-degree right-hander followed by a tight chicane. This alteration demands a higher level of precision and control.
  • Turn 15 to Turn 17: Back indoors, the lighting conditions change drastically, posing a unique challenge as drivers adjust from the bright outdoor light to the dimmer indoor environment. This transition can affect visibility and braking points.
  • Turn 18 to Turn 20: The final sector has been majorly reworked to dispense with a higher-speed sequence of sweeping turns. Instead, the lap now includes an additional hairpin at Turn 16 and a new chicane before the penultimate corner. These changes have been made to slow down the cars and add more overtaking opportunities, addressing concerns about high speeds.

Additional resurfacing work has done to ensure a more consistent grip level throughout the track. This includes better transitions between indoor and outdoor sections. Enhanced safety barriers have installed at key points around the circuit to improve driver safety without compromising the racing excitement.

Energy Management and Strategic Adjustments

One of the critical aspects of Formula E racing is energy management. For the 2024 London E-Prix, the FIA has responded to concerns about the potential for flat-out sprint races by reducing the total available energy from 52kWh to 48kWh. This adjustment is intended to reintroduce the strategic element of energy conservation. The drivers will be requiring balancing speed with efficiency.

The unique layout and recent modifications to the ExCeL circuit ensure that the London E-Prix remains one of the most challenging and exciting events on the Formula E calendar. As the venue for the season finale, it promises high drama and a fitting end to the 2024 championship, with the added excitement of British drivers like Jake Dennis and Sam Bird competing on home soil​

Teams Gear Up for a Thrilling 2024 London Formula E-Prix

As the 2024 Formula E season reaches its climax, teams and drivers are preparing for an intense showdown at the London E-Prix. This double-header event, held at the unique ExCeL London circuit, promises to be a highlight of the racing calendar. With modifications to the track and fierce competition among the teams, here’s what to expect from each contender.

Jaguar TCS Racing

Jaguar TCS Racing enters the London E-Prix with high hopes, having demonstrated strong performance throughout the season. Team will try to win all the trophies i.e. Drivers’, teams’ and manufacturers. Nick Cassidy aims to clinch the title, with leading the drivers’ championship. Mitch Evans, who has been a consistent performer, is also looking to clinch his first title after finishing third and second in previous years. With two wins already this season, Evans and his team will be gearing up to tackle the challenges posed by the modified track layout, particularly the tightened chicanes and reversed hairpins​​.


Pascal Wehrlein of Porsche is another key contender, tied in the standings with Evans. Wehrlein’s season is displaying significant improvement and consistency, despite some challenges with the car’s qualifying performance. Porsche’s strategy will likely play a crucial role, especially in managing energy consumption on the reworked track. It now includes additional hairpins and chicanes designed to lower speeds and increase the need for strategic energy recovery​​. Florian Modlinger, Director Factory Motorsport Formula E stated-

“Our main priority in London, however, is to do our best and take home one or two trophies.”

Andretti Autosport

Andretti Autosport, powered by Porsche, is also in the mix, with Jake Dennis leading their charge. Dennis, the reigning champion, faces the challenge of helping his teammate while defending his own title. The team’s ability to manage intra-team dynamics and execute flawless race strategies will be crucial. With the FIA’s adjustments to energy limits aimed at preventing flat-out sprints​.

DS Penske

As the 2024 Formula E season races to its conclusion, DS Penske is gearing up for the final showdown at the London E-Prix. Despite the anticipated departure of driver Stoffel Vandoorne, the team remains a formidable contender, leveraging its technical prowess and the seasoned expertise of two-time champion Jean-Éric Vergne. The DS E-TENSE FE23, a Gen3 car, has been instrumental in maintaining the team’s competitive edge, featuring dual powertrain systems.

Heading into the London E-Prix, DS Penske’s focus will be on maximizing their performance in qualifying sessions to avoid processional races and capitalize on the strategic elements introduced by the new circuit layout. Jean-Éric Vergne’s experience and technical insight are invaluable as the team navigates the altered track. With strategic focus and technical excellence, DS Penske aims to secure top positions and conclude the season on a high note​​.

Nissan Formula E Team

As the 2024 London Formula E Prix doubleheader approaches, Nissan Formula E Team is gearing up for a strong finish to the season. With Oliver Rowland back in the driver’s seat, the team is optimistic about its chances. Rowland, who previously raced for Nissan between Seasons 5 and 7, brings a wealth of experience, including five pole positions, five podiums, and a notable victory in Berlin in 2020​, Currently, Rowland is mathematically still in contention for the drivers’ championship, adding an extra layer of excitement to the final showdown in London. Tommaso Volpe, managing director and team principal, Nissan Formula E Team

“We’re pleased to welcome Oli back this weekend, and he will be fighting for a potential top-three finish in the Drivers’ Championship as well. We’re satisfied with the season so far, taking six podiums and currently sitting P5 in the Teams’ Championship. However, we know we can potentially climb higher up the rankings at this event, which is exactly what we intend to do.”

Partnering Rowland is Sacha Fenestraz, who has shown remarkable potential during his rookie season. Fenestraz set the fastest Formula E lap in history at the Cape Town E-Prix and consistently performed well in qualifying​​. Together, Rowland and Fenestraz form a formidable duo. Poised to capitalize on the strategic opportunities presented by the London E-Prix’s unique track layout. Nissan Formula E Team’s focus will be on maximizing their performance in qualifying and leveraging their technical expertise to navigate the challenges of the final races of the season.

Weekend Schedule and Where to Watch

You can watch all the action live on SONY LIV and SONY ST1(TV Broadcast). The full schedule in IST is given below:

weekend schedule

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Formula E

Formula E: Misano E-Prix Preview

A New Track and 2 Races, Formula E Arrives to Italy



After delivering five thrilling races, Formula E now heads to Italy’s Adriatic Coast and the Misano World Circuit for the first time. Previously, all Italian races were held in Rome, but this year, Formula E has opted for a change. This marks the second doubleheader weekend of Formula E’s 2024 calendar, i.e. rounds 6 and 7.

Track Layout

The Misano World Circuit initially was constructed for motorcycle racing – a regular on the MotoGP and World SBK calendar. There have been various other categories that have raced here as well including Sportscar, Endurance, FIA F3 and F4, etc.
Formula E will be using a slightly modified version of it. It will feature a clockwise layout spanning 3.381km, consisting of 14 turns, several high-speed straights, and a hairpin at turn 7. These elements are poised to deliver exhilarating race action.

5 Races, 5 different winners, 5 different teams

Formula E has till now hosted five action-packed races this season, each featuring a different winner and from a different team. This streak displays the unpredictability and intense competitiveness among the teams. One would hope that this streak will continue at Misano.

Championship Story till Now

After the Tokyo E-Prix, German driver Pascal Wehrlein leads the championship standings with 63 points, closely pursued by Nick Cassidy with 61 points, courtesy of his three-podium streak, sadly interrupted by a retirement in Brazil. Oliver Rowland secures third place with 54 points, because of his continuing three-podium streak. Hanging on Rowland’s heels is Jake Dennis with 53 points, with Maximilian Günther, 48 points, completing the top five.

In the teams’ championship standings, Jaguar leads with a total of 100 points, closely followed by the factory team of Porsche with a 17-point gap. Andretti occupies the third position with 70 points.

Maserati’s Home Race and Jehan Daruvala need to pick up Pace

©Simon Galloway

After an impressive win at Tokyo, Italian manufacturer Maserati will look forward to continuing this momentum and bringing glory to their home turf. Maximilian Günther has been consistently bringing in points and got their first victory of this season at Tokyo.
However, things haven’t been smooth for the Indian rookie Jehan Daruvala at Maserati. He’s yet to score a point. He must elevate his performance for the team to put up a fight in the championship. Despite the setbacks, the team has shown strong support for him, considering it’s his debut season and he is only 5 races in.

“Jehan is on a steep learning curve but he’s making good progress every single weekend. His pace over one lap was strong, and without making an error in his second qualifying run, he could have been in the duels. In race conditions, I think there are still some areas where we can improve”  
– Cyril Blais, Chief Engineer, Maserati MSG Racing

Rookies Gear Up for Formula E Test in Misano

Misano will serve as the venue for the official rookie test of Season 10. Each team has to field a rookie who has never participated in a Formula E race weekend. To qualify for the session, drivers must possess either a full E-License or at least a Free Practice-only E-License. Additionally, they must undergo specific training on electrical safety, familiarize themselves with the features of the fully-electric Formula E car, and demonstrate knowledge of the technical and sporting regulations of the championship. Here is the list of rookies participating in the rookie test.

Mahindra’s woes persist

Until Round 4, Mahindra struggled to find the pace, and as a result, they couldn’t score any points. However, in Tokyo, driver Edoardo Mortara delivered a mega lap, securing P3 in qualifying duels. Despite starting on the second row, Mortara lost three positions during the race, finishing P6 and earning Mahindra their first points of the 2024 season. Unfortunately, the joy was short-lived as Mortara was disqualified for energy usage exceeding regulations, while his teammate de Vries had to retire due to an accident in the early stages of the race. The team’s lack of performance is attributed to powertrain issues, particularly energy recovery challenges during races. Despite these woes, hopes are high for a turnaround at Misano.

Schedule of Misano E-Prix Weekend  

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